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Release Candidate 1 für Centrafuse 2.0

by admin last modified 2008-04-23 17:25

Die Entwicklung an der neuen Centrafuse 2.0 Version ist fast abgeschlossen. Ab heute ist der RC1 zum Download verfügbar.

Here is the list of new major features:


New Features

* Uses .NET 2.0 Framework
* Integrated Phone and Bluetooth stack, more info available soon in Phone sub-forum
* EQ has been updated with common frequencies
* Improved mixer and soundcard control
* Added control to use the mixer with multiple soundcards to control multiple zones from one mixer
* Click Level button in Mixer to list and select sound cards to control
* Volume Control improved for XP and full support for Vista
* Gestures (customizable)
* iPod integration (iTunes NOT required)
* Touch-anywhere to scroll in Web browser
* Double-tap for full screen in Web browser
* Push-to-talk voice recognition
* License key de-activation
* New Settings modes, Basic/Advanced
* Media import when inserting USB stick
* Direct buttons to Music, Videos, and Pictures on Main Screen
* Touch the current playing track to return to Media Player
* Basic event logging to help track down specific user issues - defaults to Off
* Smooth Main Title Scrolling - defaults to Off (CPU intensive)
* Enhanced Graphics mode - defaults to Off (slightly CPU intensive)
* Select input soundcard for voice control
* Open email attachments with external applications

The full release notes are here:


Download link is here: