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LinuxIce Beta2 Beta

by admin last modified 2008-02-26 18:29


Beta 2 status: complete
ISO size: ~310MB
Feature Completeness (per release)[/b]: 100%
nGhost version: 1.0.1
Howto: ... tion_Howto

-icepanel trueice theme updated
-added navit package
-new icekeyboard icepanel plugin
md5: ae763604a13bc3c097362924ee3a0ec2 LinuxICE-Beta2-1.iso


Listed below is a build plan. These are the features that will be built into each version until the final release.

- Alpha 1:
- Linux Ice usplash theme
- all dependencies for nghost
- some package removal

- Alpha 2:
- Linux ICE livecd splash
- built in touchscreen driver
- added some repositories to source
- additional package removal

- Alpha 3:
- startup optimization
- added codecs
- additional package removal
- add some additional libraries (if needed)

- Alpha 4:
- suspend2
- startup optimization
- desktop customization

- Beta 1:
- handsfree???
- additional package removal/ addition

- Beta 2:
- final package removal/ addition

- Release Canidate [x]
- final testing

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