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Silverwolf AES is an automotive entertainment system designed to work in a vehicle environment (while driving). It can be operated via remote control, custom moulded interfaces, and others in the future. The system is usually referred to simply as "Silverwolf".

  • MP3 Library / Player
  • Video Library / Player
  • Applications Library
  • Skin Library
  • Console (OEM) DVD Player (requires Hauppage PVR250)
  • External DVD Player (requires external Firewire DVD player)
  • CD/DVD Burning Tools (requires external Firewire DVD writer)
  • Auxilliary Audio/Video viewer (requires Hauppage PVR250)
  • Broadcast TV Tuner (requires Hauppage PVR250)
  • Import Module
  • Configuration
  • File Management
  • Wireless Access Point selection

    New Features in 1.2:
  • Greatly enhanced Skinning support
  • Better WiFi Access Point handling
  • Easier configuration
  • More layout options

Coming in Version 1.3...


Download Silverwolf AES Final

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Compatibility: Windows 9x/ME, Windows XP, Linux,

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